Thursday, February 23, 2012

Poor Paxton

Oh my. I think I can chalk up this morning as a day I hope we never have to relive. Poor little Paxton had a small red bump on his belly, slightly under his belly button. I noticed it yesterday morning when I changed his diaper. He tends to get random red bumps on his abdomen and lower belly that always go away in a few days without any pain or drama. After his nap yesterday he woke up saying "owwie, owwie" and kept grabbing that spot on his belly. I looked at it and it was now more red and beginning to swell up some. My mom and I thought it looked like he got bit by something. We put some antibiotic cream on it and tried to keep his pants from rubbing it. Well as the evening progressed, the more uncomfortable Paxton got and I began to get a little concerned. I showed Brad when he got home from work and we decided to just watch it and make sure it didn't get worse. Well, this morning Paxton was very lethargic and you could just tell he did not feel good. The bump was more red and had a big knot behind it. I knew a visit to the doctor was in store for us. I am thankful I trusted my instincts and took him in first thing this morning. It turns out he has an abscess staph infection. Oh poor baby. They had to strap him down on a medical bed, inject him with about 8 shots to numb the area and they had to cut it open and get the junk out of there. Oh my goodness, just break my heart. I felt so helpless as my littlest boy looked at me, terrified, crying and obviously in pain and there was nothing I could do to make it any better or help him understand that they were helping him. Oh that was the longest 15 minutes of my life. I now have no hope for Paxton outgrowing his fear of doctors. Heck, I would be terrified of doctors if I just went through all of that today.
They sent us home with pain meds and an antibiotic. We will go back on Saturday for them to remove the packing they had to place in his belly and get the results from the culture they sent to the lab.
Please pray he continues to get better and this infection does not get worse! Oh poor poor Paxton, I am so sorry for the trauma today held for you!

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