Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Sweet Boy is Back

He's Baaaaaaaaaaacccccckkkkk!!! My spunky, inquisitive, spirited, 4 year old little big boy is back from a weeks visit to grandma and grandpa's house!!! He loved every minute of the time he was able to spend with g-ma and g-pa. They loved on him, spoiled him and took him on many adventures! He got to go to a dinosaur museum, a gun museum, he rode his bike with and without training wheels (but he did NOT want granddad to let go), he fed the birds at Grandma Joe's house, he watched Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerry!! This is just a glimps of the wonderful adventures he had in OKC. I am sure I will get to hear more and more about his wonderful trip throughout the week.
I was a little worried he would not very excited to see any of us (he was always too busy playing to have any interest in talking to us on the phone this past week); but I was pleasantly surprised at his joy to see Brad, myself and even Paxton. He mentioned several times that he sure did miss his little brother and he was so glad they shared a room together! Ahhh, just bless my soul. It makes my heart happy to know that while both boys enjoyed the break from one another, they sure are happy to reunite!!
I am so happy to have my family back all under one roof; however, I sure am thankful that he had such a fantastic time with his grandparents who took such great care of him and made him feel like he was the king of the world! Thanks again Voda's for loving on him so much in a weeks time. We cannot wait for you guys to come visit us all soon! Also, thanks again SO much Aunt Kim and Uncle Austin for bringing him home with you guys!
Snoozin' away on the ride home with Kim and Austin 

Oh how I have missed this ball of energy and that super sweet smile of his!

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