Sunday, February 12, 2012

One on One

Maddox went to Oklahoma this weekend with Aunt Kim and Uncle Austin to visit Grandma and Grandpa Voda! Thanks again Aunt Kim and Uncle Austin for driving the six hours with a 4 year old little companion!! We planned on the Madd-man returning home this evening; however, we had a massive snow storm leaving our roads super icy. We felt it would be a wise choice to let the Madd-man stay the week in Oklahoma with his Grandparents! (Aunt Kim and Uncle Austin are returning to OKC next weekend and they will bring him back then....thanks again you two. You are fantastic and so wonderful to our family!!!)

SO, while the Madd-man has been away, we are trying to make the most of our one-on-one time with Paxton! This morning we loaded up and drove to get some donuts. YUMMY!

The little bear eating some donuts. 
It took us a while to get back home because the roads were so so slick. This is what our back yard looked like when we got home!
Snow covered back yard. Such a beautiful sight!!

We spent the rest of the morning playing with this little guy!

Brad said it best "You have never received a better hug until you get a Pax hug. He gives the best hugs!!" Here he is running to give Brad a big 'ol bear hug!
 After nap the boys played in the drive way on the tractor! They both loved every second of this!! 

 I certainly miss my oldest little boy. He is having a blast in Oklahoma. His grandparents are having a blast with him in Oklahoma. Everyone is enjoying some one-on-one time! I will make the most of the alone time we get with Paxton!

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LovelyLadyCakes said...

I can't believe that much snow..ekkk...Well, let me rub it in my 75 blue skies weather over ya