Thursday, February 25, 2010

He Hung the Moon

Maddox loves his daddy and that is evident to anyone who is around the two of them. As soon as Brad walks in the door most evenings, Maddox starts squealing and running saying "Get You" (wanting daddy to chase him). Maddox mimics Brad's every move, holds tools like Brad does, mimics his tone is certain words, will repeat EVERYTHING Brad says and admires his sweet daddy. Tonight, Maddox proved that he thinks his daddy hung the moon, well the sun at least.......Maddox and I were sitting by the front door waiting on Brad to arrive home from work. We could see the sun setting behind the house across the street. When Maddox noticed the sunshine he said "Oh sunshine. Way up high. Thank you daddy." Hahhaha...Maddox was thanking Brad for the beautiful sunshine...I mean, Brad does everything, is the hardest worker, loves his family, can fix anything you put in front of him, plays chase and cars the very best, why couldn't he be the one to make the sunshine!! I agree little man, I think your daddy hung the moon as well!!!

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Hayes Fam ♥ said...

Too cute! I'm sure that made Brad's day!!