Sunday, February 28, 2010

Silly Boy

Well, it was a little sad this evening watching the Olympic games come to a close...we have really enjoyed watching and cheering on team USA. Brad and I were talking about the next time the winter Olympic's are on Maddox will be 6 (in school) and Paxton will be 4.....oh my goodness...this "fact" made me a little teary eyed....I don't even want to start thinking about our little man in school!!!

We had a great weekend...relatively uneventful, but full of fun as a family of 3. Here are a couple highlights from today that I wanted to document for our own memories:
This morning when we went to pick Maddox up from the nursery at church, I asked one of the workers if how he did. The man I was speaking too started laughing and said "I guess he has watched you put make-up on before, because we were doing a project with cotton balls and glue, and he smeared the cotton balls all over his cheeks like he was putting on make-up." Hahha...oh silly boy...and for the record, this is GiGi's doing because she lets him sit in her lap and play when she puts on her make up (sure, he usually ends up using one of her make-up brushes as a gun....but Brad was not too excited to find out this fun fact). Oh silly Maddox! We have also decided we need to make sure and ask his teachers at church what they discussed that day, so we can figure out what Maddox is trying to tell us. When we asked Maddox what he learned today he said "Shhhh....Jesus go night night.....CRASH.....BOOM" hahhah.....I tried to fill in the blanks and perhaps they discussed when Jesus rose from the grave....hmmm...I really just don't know...but Maddox sure did enjoy it!!

This evening, when I was getting Maddox ready for his bath, he was running around in his diaper for a little while. He looked down, saw his bare belly and said "Hi Paxton! Whatcha doin" hahah...he thought baby brother was in HIS belly!! Too cute!!

On a not so exciting note, I have had some pretty good contractions this weekend (bummer) and I have had to take a lot of my medicine; thus making me feel wired and jittery! I am praying things start to relax here pretty quickly....this medince is about to drive me crazy and my heart just worries for sweet baby Paxton! I know the Lord is in control....everything with the baby is fine and healthy and the medicine does what it is supposed to....keep this little man safe and growing for as long as possible!!

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The Boyers said...

i love hearing all the cute/silly things maddox says! he is so smart and funny!