Monday, February 1, 2010

He NEVER Forgets

It seems everyday I am amazed by something our little man does or says and I am reminded yet again how quickly this time of toddler-hood passes by. Maddox has an amazing memory, which blows Brad and I away on a daily basis (this is amazing, except you cannot EVER distract this kid from something because he NEVER forgets) Here are a few examples....several weeks ago we were driving with Daddy and we came close to the CVS pharmacy I use, from the backseat Maddox points to the store and says "Medicine in get daddy's medicine in there" Brad and I just laughed out loud and congratulated our little one for being so observant.
About 2 weeks ago, I took my car to be washed and everyday since then Maddox will remind me that we got the car washed, where we got it washed, and that they gave us a rag to wipe off the car while we were there. About a week ago, my mom was watching Maddox for us and they took PaPa's boots to get fixed; however, when they arrived at the store, it had moved locations and they had to find the new store. Everyday, Maddox will tell us that the store moved and they need to go get PaPa's boots. Every time we pass by the mall, Maddox yells out "Play, Play" because he remembers the play area in the mall that we go to occasionally...and now he also yells out "books, books" because of the new Barnes and Noble located at the mall. The other day we took Maddox to see my Granny and he was walking in front of me. I told him to turn "left" and he turned left...I then told him to turn "right" and he turned right. My mom asked me how he knew that and I responded "because Brad showed him one time"
The examples could go on and on, we are constantly amazed at how well he remembers (and frustrated at times because we cannot sneak anything past him anymore..hahah) but today my heart was filled with complete joy as my 2 year old son said to me "Love Jesus...heart" (the Bible verse he was "taught" at church yesterday was "Love Jesus with all of your heart" and of course he remembered!! Oh how I pray we can guide him in the right direction and help him learn more and more about Jesus, to hide it his heart that he would NEVER forget!!!
This little one blows us away with how much he remembers, what he remembers

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Amanda said...

awwww!! Sweet sweet Maddox!! He is precious!