Monday, February 15, 2010


Maddox is coughing. Dry cough? Wet cough? You pick. Sounds like a 70 year old man who has smoked his entire life. Eyes look sad, sick and helpless. Voice is raspy as it cuts in and out. He will not eat. He went to the doctor...determined it was RSV. I keep him away from kids almost all the time. He still managed to catch the nasty virus. He now has to do breathing treatments. He did not like them at all. He fought through it. He is a good boy. He now asks to do it just "one more time" (oh buddy, we will...every 4 hours for a few weeks). Mommy is sad. Wish I could make it better..

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The Boyers said...

ohhh....that makes me sad! I just said a prayer for a quick recovery!